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Anapa universities

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★★★★★ reviews 1 hits 1289
Southern institute of management, anapsky branch Russia, 353440, Krasnodar region, Anapa, Krymskaya str., 244
tel 3-02-61
★★★★★ reviews 1 hits 1233
Russian state social university (rssu), anapsky branch Russia, 353440, Krasnodar region, Anapa, Turgeneva str., 261
phone: (86133) 4-22-78 4-22-08
★★★★★ reviews 0 hits 972
Sochi university of tourism and resort business of the state, state educational institution, a branch in anapa Russia, 353440, Krasnodar region, Anapa, Chekhov St., 69
Front Desk, Fax (86133) 3-26-09 Dean 4-27-85 Accounting 3-68-44 Training division 4-34-13
★★★★★ reviews 0 hits 727
Moscow state humanitarian university.m.and.sholokhov, state educational institution of higher professional education, anapsky branch Russia, 353440, Krasnodar region, Anapa, the Astrakhan St., 88
Reception (86133) 4-39-75 Admissions 4-26-76 tel./Fax 5-62-87
Администрация муниципального образованияГоркиФонтан
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